Stephanie Beau - Founder of CAPA

"Why did I become involved in assisting in the formation of the Council on Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA) Organization?"

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A Message from our President

It is a special honor and a privilege to begin my term as president of the Council of Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA) for 2019-2020 term. Our outgoing president, Angela Wang Beasinger, deserves enormous gratitude from all of us for guiding the council in reaching our mission. It has been a pleasure learning from Angela to move our council forward and succeed. With the support of the Executive Board, Committee Chairs and all CAPA Board members, we’ll strive in our diverse talents to accomplish the goals and objectives of CAPA while pursuing opportunities that increase our membership, cultural events, educational programs, and community outreach services.

One of my top goals is to create more ways for mentoring and volunteering opportunities for CAPA members, students, and professionals. Given the right support and guidance are the essential first steps in grooming future APA leaders, community advocates, and successful organizations. My second priority is to ensure that members take advantage of the many benefits and activities available as CAPA members. Some of these benefits will include, CAPA Organization Outreach Program, Scholarship Awards, Youth Initiative, and more.

Lastly, mark your  calendar  for our three big events: Splendor of the East, Asian Festival, Leadership Summit, and a new one, the Holiday Gala.


Ryan Rosario
CAPA President 2019-2020

Outreach Program & Board Meeting set for April

CAPA's membership committee chair, Gongju "Zoe" Bae, is planning to have our first Meet and Greet on April 13, 2019 at the Philippine American Community Center. CAPA will be inviting many organizations.

In this event they will have the opportunity to:

1) Meet and greet members of CAPA

2) Learn the benefits of CAPA membership

3) Get amazing training on how to run your non-profit organization and raise funding.

We have a special guest from Comerica that will talk about how to manage management for your organization.  Also featured guest is to help you get grants for your organization.


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